"Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to announce that the Jurassic carnivore, Ceratosaurus, is now on display. Please enjoy." - Jane Powers

Ceratosaurus is a two-star carnivore featured in JPOG.It is fairly weak, as it will be killed instantly if it attacks Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus.


Ceratosaurus is a medium carnivore that usually lives in small packs of three. It is usually a scavenger but will sometimes hunt. If it is desperate for food it will resort to cannibalism and can coexist with Albertosaurus. This doesn't last as both will prey on each other eventually. It can also live with Allosaurus, but will still seen as food if none can be found. They can live with any small carnivore smaller then itself. However, while Velociraptor is comfortable around Ceratosaurus, Dilophosaurus is not. They sleep together and share their prey among one another. They may however attack the Allosaurus. This usually ends badly for the Ceratosaurus though as the Allosaurus will retaliate when attacked.

Ceratosaurus is not as dangerous as larger carnivores, but can still break down a low security fence weakened by two lightning strikes.

In real life Edit

Ceratosaurus is one of the rarest therapods in the Morrison Formation, however it has long since been popular and easily recognisable by the horns on its head. These horns were too fragile to be used in combat and were more likely display features and were absent in juveniles, developing with maturity. Interestingly, Ceratosaurus also had rows of osteoderms, bony growths acting as armour, down its back; usually a defensive feature found in herbivores. This suggests that Ceratosaurus occupied the middle of the food web and was preyed upon by larger carnivores such as Allosaurus and Torvosaurus. Ceratosaurus was an ancestor to the Abelisaur family, which included Rajasaurus and Carnotaurus.

Ceratosaurus has been found in North America, Tanzania and Portugal.


Length: 7 meters

Favorite prey: Dryosaurus or Kentrosaurus, will prey on other Ceratosaurus if no other food is present.

Time Period: Late Jurassic 162-154

Dig site: Morrison Formation A

Security Requirments: Low or Medium