JPOG parasaurolophus

4 tons


10 meters (32,81 feet)





Time Period

Late Cretaceous 76-65

Dig Site

Hell Creek Group A

Security Requirements



3 stars

Parasaurolophus, usually shortened to Parasaur, is a large, 3 star herbivore. Parasaurolophus is a gentle herbivore and lived during the Late Cretaceous period.


The Parasaurolophus is a herding animal and found in the Hell Creek Group A. As this is one of the beginning sites, it can also be one of the first hadrosaurs available to the player. They are excellent for mixing with other hadrosaurs and Cretaceous herbivores, appealing for both fun lovers and dino nerds.

They are the favourite prey of Acrocanthosaurus and Albertosaurus, even though they would have never encountered Acrocanthosaurus, having lived millions of years apart. However, Parasaurolophus will normally outrun Albertosaurus. It is faster and has sharper senses than its close relative, Edmontosaurus.

In real life Edit

Parasaurolophus lived throughout the western North American continent, but in terms of fossils is one of the rarer hadrosaurs. It belonged to the Lambeosaurine branch of hadrosaurs, famous for their hollow crests consisting of a complex system of tubes. The crests most likely acted as a display feature with bright colours and to amplify the calls of the animals to keep in contact with the herd and attract mates. Like all other hadrosaurs, it had a toothless beak with batteries of molars at that back of its jaws to grind down plant material.
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