The Forgotten is a mod created by EchoGreen. This mod recreates some of the scrapped dinosaurs that where cut from the original game, as well as a few new ones which are exclusive to exercises, as well as editing some of the existing dinosaur and environment textures. The mod is available for free at and will require some file modification.

Animals Edit

  • Alioramus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Bambiraptor
  • Baryonyx
  • Compsognathus
  • Chasmosaurus
  • Crichtonsaurus
  • Deinonychus
  • Diplodocus
  • Gigantosaurus
  • Guanlong
  • Iguanodon
  • Indominus
  • Irritator
  • Maiasaura
  • Ornithomimus
  • Panoplosaurus
  • Rajasaurus
  • Seismosaurus
  • Stygimoloch
  • Thescelosaurus
  • Tuojiangosaurus
  • Wuerhosaurus
  • Yangchuanosaurus

Other Features Edit

  • The Safari and Balloon rides now have longer pathways.
  • Dinosaur lifespans have been increased to decades and 100 in the case of Brachiosaurus.
  • Pack and herd sizes are larger.
  • Dinosaur population increased.

Bugs Edit

  • Some dinosaurs count as different species in attractions. For example, visitors see Camarasaurus as Ornithomimus. Despite this attractions still have the same entertainment values from each species.

Trivia Edit

  • With this mod, Crichtonsaurus and Rajasaurus become unique as the first and only 4 star small herbivore and small carnivore respectively.